Leadership Episodes


The Power of LinkedIn with Brenda Meller

March 10, 2021

“If you’re not looking for a job, stop making your LinkedIn profile look like a resume. Nobody cares that you generated $3 million of revenue for your last company if you’re a sales consultant. They only care about what you can do for them. What are you doing for your company right now, and what’s …


How to work with difficult people with Kris Plachy

Nov. 18, 2020

“The premise behind working with difficult people is that nobody is difficult until you label them difficult. So the word ‘difficult’ is not a fact, it is a label.” - Kris Plachy When leading a team, or working as part of one, not all people will be the same. It takes awareness and skill to recogni…


Three Questions to Ask If Rethinking Your Career with Cheryl Czach

Nov. 4, 2020

“Oftentimes when you want to make a change in your life, you hear a little whisper. You ignore it, it gets a little louder, and then you ignore it again. You do not make the change until it is screaming in your ear, and then you quickly make a change when you start hearing that in your gut and in y…

Guest: Cheryl Czach
Leadership Mindset

How to Feel Confident in Uncertainty with Alyssa Dver

Oct. 21, 2020

“Don’t be afraid to breathe, don’t be afraid to slow down and don’t be afraid to ask somebody to poke you every now and then, because the reality is we can all use a little help right now. There’s nothing shameful about it, but at the same time I think everyone around us can use our help, so let’s …

Guest: Alyssa Dver

Thinking Like a Visionary Entrepreneur and Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems with Brad Feld

Sept. 30, 2020

“Every city with at least 100,000 people is capable of building a healthy and vibrant startup community. I’ve evolved that belief to make the assertion that every city with at least 100,000 people needs a healthy startup community as part of the infrastructure of the city. It’s not the only thing t…


Overcoming the High Achievement Trap with Laura Honeycutt

Sept. 16, 2020

“This is not exclusive to women. This is everybody. We have come to view failure as something bad, and that is probably because somewhere along the way you had an experience where you failed and misery ensued.” - Laura Honeycutt You may have heard that we all have infinite power (and we do!), but h…


Sales Conversations Made Easier with Allison Davis

Sept. 9, 2020

“I’m a firm believer in what you put out comes back to you tenfold. So you need to lead with that integrity. I think another misconception about sales is that it’s a pitch and not a conversation, and a lot of people are still doing that, right?” - Allison Davis If you’re in a business, the ability …


How to Be Fearless with 15-year old entrepreneur, Mikaila Ulmer

Sept. 2, 2020

“Whatever it is you do, it’s something that keeps you going, and when you have those challenges it’s easier to get through them and overcome them. I always say don’t be discouraged, but get back up and spread your wings. By having a social business, it’s a lot easier to do so.” - Mikaila Ulmer This…


Is Self-Deception Blocking Your Success? with Andrea Goeglein aka Dr Success

Aug. 19, 2020

“You don’t wake up and say you’re going to be brave today. You stumble upon it, and it’s the continual showing up, it’s the continual ability to look at the fear and not deny the reality, but to defy the reality. Be optimistic, make it grounded, and the tools are all here for us to use.” - Andrea G…


Cultivating Integrity with AirBnB's Former Chief Ethics Officer Rob Chestnut

Aug. 11, 2020

“Too often companies don’t think about integrity. They have a pretty poster with their values and the word integrity with a sunset in the background. They send out their company’s code of ethics, but they ironically stole that code of ethics from another company online and they just stuck their log…


Closing Your Power Gaps with Kathy Caprino

Aug. 4, 2020

“Women tend to have three times as many mentors as men, but men have twice as many sponsors as women. Sponsors are the higher-level mentors that have clout and power, that will open doors for you that you cannot open on your own.” - Kathy Caprino How would you like to overcome key obstacles to reac…


The Science of Confidence with Alyssa Dver

July 21, 2020

“Yes or no, you’re confident. Now here’s where the definition gets really interesting for me personally. People often say they feel confident or they are kind of confident, and that is not correct. You either are or you are not. Just like being pregnant, you are or you are not.” - Alyssa Dver Today…


How to Stop the Overwhelm with Angela Proffitt

July 14, 2020

“If my team is miserable and they’re not excited about a project, it affects the outcome of an event, sales funnel or whatever we’re doing for that company. It definitely affects the outcome, so it’s really important that you like working with your clients, but it starts with you communicating the …


Discover Your Networking Style with Michelle Tillis Lederman

June 30, 2020

“I go through life thinking about how I can be somebody who gives because I want to and because I can, and without that expectation. I’m also somebody who’s willing to receive, and I give myself permission to ask.” - Michelle Tillis Lederman Have you been networking to build your career and influen…


The Right Way to Find a Career Sponsor with May Busch

June 23, 2020

As you can imagine, having a career sponsor can dramatically improve your work experiences and the trajectory of your career. This person can help you succeed not only in your career but in your entire life, by being better, doing better and making the difference you are meant to make. However, the…