How to Move Out of Pain, Unwanted Behavior and Stress with Elisabeth Kristof

May 5, 2021

How to Move Out of Pain, Unwanted Behavior and Stress with Elisabeth Kristof

How to Move Out of Pain, Unwanted Behavior and Stress with Elisabeth Kristof

“Everything that we experience, our body is experiencing it also. So, if we have a stressful situation, not only are we experiencing that in our mind, but in our body as well.” - Elisabeth Kristof 

I am completely obsessed with somatic intelligence, which is why the conversation I had with today’s Brave By Design guest was so fascinating. A lot of times we try to think our way out of anxiety, depression or other problems, but there is a better way if we work with our body and nervous system - instead of against it. 

Brain-Based Wellness with Elisabeth Kristof is a combo of applied neuroscience training and high-education, high energy at-home workouts that include strategic muscles toning, HIIT cardio and brain-based Pilates.

This wellness practice also includes somatic (body-based) meditation, breath work and cranial nerve stimulation for well-being and nervous system health. This is a space for growth-oriented people to come together and support each other in achieving health and vitality.

Elisabeth and I really only began to scrape the surface in this 30-minute discussion, so I encourage you to try the exercises she described each day to regulate your nervous system, and let us know what it opens up for you. 

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode: 

  • Elisabeth’s own story and the extreme trauma she faced that resulted in her life falling apart [1:59]

  • What she learned about her nervous system that allowed her to reconnect with her body and start the recovery process [3:09]

  • The work she now does to teach people how to interrupt a loop that is so harmful to our well-being [5:42]

  • What happens when we don’t feel our way out of stressful situations and change our thoughts around it [6:40]

  • Some common issues that Elisabeth sees in the people she works with, and how she reframed her own visibility in order to help even more people [8:17]

  • A current issue I’m having with my health and the ways that she recommend I address it [15:02]

  • Why people really resist change, and what we can do to make change permanent, rather than just temporary [19:22]

  • How you can start to use the pain you’re feeling as an assessment [28:27] 

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