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Amazing Content!

I highly recommend listening to this podcast for inspiration! Laura and her guests discuss very valuable content!

Great Podcasts!

Just listened to the podcast with Laura Michelle Powers about Manifestation & Intuition. Super interesting! Laura Khalil is a great interviewer and picks really great people to showcase.

wonderful & inspirational!!

LOVE this podcast so far, have only listened to 2 episodes but both were phenomenal. Amazing guests and Laura asks great questions to really get the most from the conversations. Can’t wait to listen to more. Already recommending you to my sister!


Love love love this podcast! Brilliant topics, very thoughtful discussion, amazing speakers, and wonderful host. The short segments are so full of great content that you can pick up and use today. Thank you Laura for all of your hard work here.

So many “aha” moments!

Every episode has interesting and experienced guests and because many of them are women who have been through similar experiences to mine in life, I find myself almost crying while listening to some of the episodes. It’s like listening to my own story sometimes. But there is always a silver lining …

Not Your Standard Empowerment Podcast

Laura Khalil is the real deal: intelligent, wise and insightful. Her perspectives and advice on personal empowerment and success are based on a powerful combination of experience, a learning mindset, and an incredible ability to find and connect with experts in every walk of life. I’m proud to know…

Absolutely incredible

One of these days Laura Khalil is going to BLOW UP because she really is THAT good. Such a powerful human being. Her voice is calming and full of wisdom and the way she speaks about the subjects she touches on are really refreshing and incredible. Spot. On. Must. Listen.

You need to take a listen!

Laura is a consummate interviewer. She brings out the best from her guests. I was drawn to this podcast by the variety of the guests, the empathy Laura shows to each and every one of them, and the curiosity with which she explores and verbalizes the pithy kernels from the vast bodies of work most o…

A Gem!

Laura is a gem of a human being. Intelligent, inspirational, and driven to give her gifts to the world. And...she is a fantastic interviewer. Look out Oprah..Laura is coming for you! 😉

Deep dive, dynamic energy

I n was honored to be a guest on Laura's podcast and have to say, her energy and smarts are a refreshing change of pace from many other boring business podcasts. Laura's enthusiasm is infectious, she actually researches her guests and their work, and she brings keen insights to her listeners. This…

Love her energy

Laura has such an authentic energy with her guests. Love her!

So on point!

I had the pleasure of listening to Laura speak at an event last year about Imposter Syndrome. Since then I have been a follower of her work, and this podcast is just the latest of great contributions she has made! I was hooked on the first episode. Finally a podcast that incorporates all the challe…

Get ready to take notes and do the work!✍🏽✨

Laura is a powerhouse. She shares such thoughtful and empowering advice through this podcast and her Facebook community. She hosts a variety of guests, and each person brings great knowledge and perspective to the table. Thank you for being intentional, direct and real Laura! Next step is up to u…

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Laura is fantastic, this show is a go-to for those of us feeling professionally stuck or discouraged!


This speaks to the soul.

Informative, zero BS!

Great nuggets of info packed into a concise podcast that I can easily fit into my day! Presented in a no BS way that really speaks to me. As a woman who works in the male dominated IT field, you had me at episode 1. Looking forward to hearing more!