Brave By Design

You need to take a listen!

Laura is a consummate interviewer. She brings out the best from her guests. I was drawn to this podcast by the variety of the guests, the empathy Laura shows to each and every one of them, and the curiosity with which she explores and verbalizes the pithy kernels from the vast bodies of work most of her guests have done.
I was a fan of Laura’s before she interviewed me on episode 19! I’m now hooked on this podcast. Its 30 minute length is a perfect accompaniment to my Wednesday morning workouts!
You need to take a listen. You will not agree with every thing that every guest says. (I don’t.) However, you *will* find your thoughts being stretched and your well-founded assumptions being challenged. That’s a great mental exercise to go with your physical one as you listen to each episode!

Aug. 3, 2020 by Subaru2004 on Apple Podcasts

Brave By Design